In general, we share the same skills to become good craftsmen, only the demand for quality and motivation leads to different ways. Good craftsmanship is my motivation and inspiration.

I focus on sustainable and regional products with excellent quality with a classic design which is wearable for several generations.

For the sunshine collection I dyed the Baby Brushed Alpaca yarn with plant dye. I had a small workshop in dying by Chihiro from Mominoki Yarn in Berlin. We collaborated afterwards and she was dying my Baby Brushed Alpaca yarn. 

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I am weaving garments and textiles for the wall with natural fibre in a small team. In my designs I use my expertise and skills that I have refined in my art and fashion design studies.


1. The handwriting of each of our craftsmen stands for the originality of our products. Specially the imperfection makes every piece what it is, unique. The manufacture of each product is handmade with love for a good product which is made with a strong passion for quality and aesthetic. This passion and promise is what you buy with every piece.

2. The careful choices for every single part in the design makes our products so precious. We choose the people we work with as carefully as our materials. As we have chosen quality as the most important foundation for our philosophy, our employees have to fulfil this quality. And at the same time they should get this quality back through very good pay, very good communication and very good relationships with each other. This cycle of giving and taking enables us to manufacture products with such high quality standards. And this is the next important stone for Irina Kaldewey, the respect of humans. That is the promise we give to you.

3. After very intense research we choose for weaving our super soft scarfs the alpaca fiber. The alpaca yarn is very soft and has very special properties due to the structure of the fiber which is hollow inside. This is why the fiber is insulating, cooling in summer and warm in winter. This is due to the special weather conditions the alpaca is exposed to. For our classic white items, we use the Baby Brushed Alpaca yarn, we chose of its amazing appearance like a mohair and it comes of course with sustainable standard, with a Oeko Tex Standard certification. The white alpaca fiber is undyed and only one of the natural fur nuances of the alpaca. Mauricio from the yarn manufacture is our man who helped to make it happen, and so we can bring that exceptional yarn to you.