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Our values and philosophy

I am weaving garments and textiles with natural fibre in a small team. In my designs I use my expertise and skills that I have refined in my art and fashion design studies. We focus on a sustainable and a regional production striving for good quality. Choosing a classic, unique design which doesn't change with trends but is created through exchange and communication with the environment to design textiles that are unique. Happy to take careful choices for every single part in the design to make our textiles precious.


In general, we share the same skills to become good craftsmen, only the demand for quality and motivation leads to different ways. Good craftsmanship is our motivation and inspiration.

After very intense research we choose for weaving our super soft Classic Scarfs and Stolas the Baby Brushed Alpaca fiber. The alpaca yarn is very soft and has very special properties due to the structure of the fiber which is hollow inside. The alpaca fiber is insulating, cooling in summer and warming in winter due to the special weather conditions the alpacas are exposed to. An amazing appearance of the Baby Brushed Alpaca Fiber, like a mohair and the sustainable standard, with a Oeko Tex Standard certification, convinced us finally. The white alpaca fiber is undyed and only one of the natural fur nuances of the alpacas. Mauricio from the yarn manufacture in Peru helped to source this special yarn.

For the Sun Stolas I handdyed the Baby Brushed Alpaca yarn with plants. I had a small workshop in dying by Chihiro from Mominoki Yarn in Berlin. We aim to collaborate with like minded people who share the same values and vision as we do. We collaborated with Chihiro who dyed our Baby Brushed Alpaca yarn and with Alice Albergaria Borges who dyed the handspun linen yarn form Portugal for us.  

We believe in honest connections, conscious choices and respectful interactions with humans and nature. 


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