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Irina Kaldewey completed her studies with a focus on creating a valuable fabric, specifically a handwoven stola—a typical Chilean cloth worn over the shoulders for warmth. This stola was made from Baby Brushed Alpaca sourced from a Peruvian alpaca farm. Despite being advised against using this yarn by Dagmar (Handgewebt in Berlin), her teacher, due to its similarity to mohair yarn which is particularly unsuitable for weaving, Irina Kaldewey fell in love with its beauty upon arrival from Peru.

The Baby Brushed Alpaca yarn presented challenges due to its fine hairs, causing it to tangle during weaving. To overcome this, Irina Kaldewey developed a special technique that involved different patterns and required a lot of patience, as she had to separate the panels by hand. Ultimately, the time and effort invested in creating the stola proved to be worthwhile.

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