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Irina Kaldewey also explored Super 8 and medium format cameras and attended film and video classes in the media house of the UdK. After her basic year, she decided to join Hito Steyerl's class in New Media. Hito Steyerl, a new teacher at the time, held classes in English, attracting a diverse audience, including non-university attendees. Despite the language challenge, Irina Kaldewey recognized that this teaching approach was distinct and impactful.


After joining Hito’s class, the group left UdK for classes on "The Aesthetic of Resistance." During this period, IK learned valuable lessons about self-confidence, self-trust, and standing up for justice. However, she sometimes felt that her work became overly complex and cerebral, leading her to yearn for more exploration of colors, forms, and beauty.

During her year abroad at the Art Academy in Helsinki, Finland, in the Time and Space department, Irina Kaldewey also worked with sound. She took a course with Shinji Kanki, building instruments with electronic piezo components and exploring sound. During this period, Olafur Eliasson became a professor at UdK, an artist Irina Kaldewey greatly admired after experiencing his work "Sun" at Tate Modern.

After returning to Berlin, Irina Kaldewey participated in a round table with Eliasson's class at his department outside the UdK building. Although she didn’t switch to his class, she was fortunate to have him as the leading professor for the presentation of her "Meisterschülerarbeit." This final project was inspired by her internship at the artist residency Mustarinda in Finland. Irina Kaldewey was invited by the organizers to extend her stay by a month, allowing her to work on her artworks in a studio. She had met the organizers during her Erasmus year at Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki.

Upon returning to Berlin after her Erasmus, Irina Kaldewey reconnected with several people from Finland who were now in Berlin for their own Erasmus exchange. They regularly met for dinners and art shows at her former apartment in Mitte. The apartment belonged to Maria Effertz, an artist and photographer who sometimes joined Irina Kaldewey for Hito Steyerl's class with her newborn son Kurt.

Irina Kaldewey completed her art studies as a master student in Hito Steyerl's class, culminating in a multimedia installation featuring photography, sound, and a birdcage. The photographer Andreas Mühe acquired photographs of her work.

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