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Handwoven in my Atelier in Berlin Germany with Baby Brushed Alpaca from Michel & Cia in Peru.

This is a unique handmade item and each piece is different.

My Baby's stola

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  • This Stola belongs to the classic white collection, an essential part of IK, woven with Baby Alpaca Brushed yarn. A special type of yarn: to brush the yarn with 100% baby alpaca, is only possible with natural undyed colours.

    Sizing: 62 cm width and 240 cm length, please note that stola is unique and can therefore vary in its size by one or two centimeters.

    Material: 100% Baby Brushed Alpaca, Oeko Tex Standard, undyed.

    Care and cleaning: Hand wash

    Do you fancy a cup of tea, after a fresh cold walk outside in autumn? I love to be cuddled and hugged with my stola when I go through the city exploring new things. And then, make me tea... Baby!

    For our classic white collection, we use the Baby Brushed Alpaca yarn from Michell & Cia from the Eco line yarn collection. We chose of its amazing features, the Alpaca Fiber has unique thermal characteristics, because alpacas are exposed to temperature fluctuations of + 30 to - 20 degrees. Alpaca wool can transfer warmth from the body when it is hot, while it has special insulating properties when it is cold. In addition, the fibers can absorb 25% moisture and release it to the outside in a controlled way. The alpaca textiles are dirt and smell repellent. Even when sweating heavily, the textiles remain neutral in odour because the protein molecules contained in the fiber neutralize the sweat bacteria. In the end it convinces with amazing elegant appearance and softness.

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