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IK (Irina Kaldewey) born 1983 Germany.

I work with different media such as photography, ceramics, weaving, drawing, painting, writing and sculpture. Each medium has its own advantages or language possibilities for me. Most recently with I explored the communication between people and their non-human environment.

I uses photography, for example, to translate a mood or a feeling directly and immediately into a visual work that is very close to reality, we could all see the same thing, I choose a dialogue with supposedly inanimate things. I give them her attention and thus creates a new reality. Weaving is a slow process that takes time, the resulting fabrics can be touched, they can be hung around the neck, the shoulders or on the wall. The senses are touched by the familiar feeling of the warm embrace of a textile (to be seen on the website). The fabric used in my textile sculptures is reminiscent of clothing and creates a closeness to the viewer that is incomparable to that of a painting on canvas (it is a fabric which I usually use in my fashion designs for the prototypes). Fabric is sewn in (mending wounds), strips of shiny champagne, matt fir green, bright orange are stitched into the fabric, the brush makes itself loudly felt with black ink; here I work more intuitively and more quickly, strong feelings are worked directly into the fabric. In the textile sculpture series Letters II, I increasingly abandon the square format and straight lines. I use torn paper and fabrics that are sewn together to create new forms (example work: „Voyage à longue distance pour l'amour“) and organic lines.

Academic Qualification

Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design, University of Applied Science Berlin.

"Meisterschüler" at Hito Steyerl New Media class, University of Arts Berlin.

Collective Exhibitions

2009 Exchange Student Exhibition, Work: Equality - Photographs printed on paper. Kaiku Galleria, Helsinki, Finland.

2010 Film stage: experimental, narrative, documentary, media art: new works from the UdK, curated by Thomas Arslan and Michael Busch. Foyer, group work with Kornelia Kugler and Hanna Bergfors: Wissen wir heute, dass die wehenden roten Fahnen damals peinlich waren. Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin, Germany.

2011 Graduate Exhibition. Work: Ein Film über Sehnsucht. University of Arts Berlin, Germany.

2012 Meisterschüler Exhibition. Work: Sehnsucht - Photography, Sound,  Empty open Birdcage. University of Arts Berlin, Germany. 

2023 Resident Artists from A Base. Work: Student - Wood, Yarn of silk, cotton and linen, wood stool. Pavilion 31 at CHPL, Lisbon, Portugal.

Represented in collections

2012 Acquisition of Irina‘s photography series „Sehnsucht“ („Longing“) for the private collection of

the photographer Andreas Mühe.

2015 Acquisition of Irina‘s photography series „Sehnsucht“ („Longing“) for the private collection of

the fashion designer Frank Leder.

Art Residencies

2012 Work residency at the artist residency Mustarinda, Finland (invitation from the residency ).
2012 Work residency at the artist residency Avatar Quebec, Canada (Accompanied).

2022 Artist in residence at the A Base Escola de arte, Lisbon.


10/2006 - 07/2011 Graduate. New Media Class, Hito Steyerl, University of Arts Berlin, Germany.

10/2011 - 07/2012 Meisterschüler. New Media Class, Hito Steyerl, University of Arts Berlin, Germany.

10/2014 - 09/2019 Bachelor of Fashion Design. Founding a company for fashion and design: Natural Fiber. University of Applied Science - Berlin, Germany.


Experience Abroad

09/2008 - 05/2009 Finish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland.

01/2018 - 07/2018  Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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