This Stola belongs to the Sunshine collection, hang it around your neck or on your wall, woven with Baby Alpaca Brushed yarn. A special type of yarn: to brush the yarn with 100% baby alpaca, is only possible with natural undyed colours. 


Sun I

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Color: Mixed colors
  • Sizing: 60 cm width and 117 cm length, frings are 14 cm, please note that each weaving is unique and can therefore vary in its size by one or two centimeters.

    Material: 98% Baby Brushed Alpaka, natural and hand dyed in my Berlin Studio. 2 % Merino Wool, hand Dyed in collaboration with Mominoki Yarn.

    Care and cleaning: Hand wash

    My scarfs for the walls are handwoven with Baby Brushed Alpaca from Peru. You can wear them in cold summer evenings on your shoulders, at a speciall ocassion to give your outfit some sunshine or just enjoy it hanging on your wall. They bring softness, warmth and sunshine into your home.